Sawa Zee (sawazee) wrote in thousandbuddha,
Sawa Zee

Traditional tourism?

The kung fu school that I train at, Ching Wu Athletic Association here in Winnipeg, Canada, switched to having a mainly shaolin curriculum two years ago. Since we've spent countless hours learning both the Bak Sil Lum and Songshang sets, finding numerous versions along the way. Which one is the right one? We are sending our Sigung to China to train at the Temple and settle the Bak Sil Lum set(we are very confident about the Songshang set). Our head intructor has recently travelled to Canada's East and West coast, going to different kung fu schools along the way. This question was raised and I think it would make for a great shaolin kung fu disscusion. Has the huge amount of tourism changed Shaolin's Kung Fu? Are we really practicing the "real traditional stuff"? How would we know?
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